Fitness, Gym and Running Clothes for 2017

Holllaa New Year new me right?! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for actually thinking new yearn new me. Because I sure as hell don’t. I am one of those people that need the motivation of a new year to pick up a new habit or drop a habit. So how did I start January? I bought a load of new gym wear to kick my butt back to the gym before marathon seasons arrives. I’ve already been to the gym more times this year than I did in all of December and we’re only half way through the month…
With marathon training last year, I think I have pretty much nailed down where to get cost-efficient gym clothing and running gear from because I’ve gone through so much. I know what brands to avoid due to chafing and I know what brands fully support you and your chest.

1. Boobydoo

After wearing two bras out running most evenings, it was becoming a bit of a pain and meant I had to wash bras everyday to keep up with going through two each day. It was a bloody nightmare. I asked people on Twitter what sort of bras they wear running that fully support your boobs because I am fed up of wearing two bras just to hold my chest in place. Now there is nothing worse than getting two miles into a long run and your boobs start hurting because they’ve been slashing and wobbling all over the place. No. So anyway, someone recommended the shock absorbing bras by Boobydoo. I will never go back. I will never purchase a bra from anywhere else.

The types of bras range from shock absorbing to just general yoga bras. I sort of wish they would expand into all types of clothing. There is a bounce-o-meter where you input your level of activity and cup size so it measures the bounce of your chest. This way it will pop up with bras that they recommend for your activity. It is such a good website.

2. Amazon

Did you know Amazon was a good place to head for running gear? No? I didn’t fancy paying hundreds of pounds for a Nike outfit that was somewhat reflective just so I wasn’t attacked or run over whilst out running. Amazon have amazing hi-vis reflective jackets that work a treat. An inexpensive head light is essential for running and not tripping up on stones and uneven curbs. High visibility straps with four LED lights are super for running, walking, cycling or even playing hide and seek in the dark… granted it might give you away but at least cars can see you. If you don’t want to wear a hi-vis then the visibility straps are a must have.

3. Karrimor at Sports Direct

Such a large portion of my running gear is all from Sports Direct, the Karrimor brand. Usually Sports Direct have 50% off or even 2 items for £22. So it’s very good value for money and lasts a very long time. I rarely spend more than £10 on a top or more than £20 on bottoms (usually 2 for £22). Plus the socks are awesome, have you ever gone running and your socks slip down your trainers and you end up in a right mess? Well they don’t. They have little tabs at the back too so you can pull them up quickly, if they even do get sucked into your shoe.

4. Footwear

Oh so often I see people purchasing the newest pair of Nike trainers, boasting and posting all over Facebook. It’s so easy to get drawn into buying the newest gear but does it actually work for you? If you’re thinking of taking up running or gyming then gait analysis is for you, where someone will measure how you run and provide you with information. You watch your run back and can see if you have an overpronation (feet rolling inwards) or underpronation (feet don’t roll inward enough). So I ran pretty much perfectly, except I ran on my heels rather than the tops of my feet. I then picked a pair of shoes that felt comfy and something that I could run long distance in. The red/blue shoes above were around £100 and now they are £50, the brand is Mizuno! Another good place to get shoes is Decathlon. Gait analysis is usually free so go get your feet mapped!

Get some new kit, get your bum to the gym and smash 2017!


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