Goodbye Winter Sadness

Goodbye Winter Sadness

Is winter sadness a thing? I’m not 100% sure but I know how I feel over the darker, colder months and happiness is not one of the things I generally feel. A few people have mentioned I seem happier, more motivated and dedicated over the past few weeks? I tried to explain how I felt to someone and all I could say is that I  feel like I’ve been reborn


goodbye winter sadness

Up until two weeks ago I would get home from work, sit in bed and pretty much scroll through social media until it was time to sleep. I was too tired, bored and too sad to even bother to do anything. In the mornings I would get up and just count the hours until I could go to sleep. Talking of sleep, this also included falling asleep between 8pm and 9pm everyday without fail.

Do you know how many hours I’ve wasted from November to April by sitting in bed and sleeping away my life? Too many is the answer.

Now I am up at 5am, either working or running before work. Feeling super productive at work and feeling more like myself. Then when I get home from work I’m either attending a fitness class, blogging, working on my shop or freelancing. I feel like I’ve got my life back together and for no other reason than Winter has gone.

Although I mean hey, I’ve even been daily blogging, daily working on my shop and freelancing all whilst working full-time. I feel happy, I honestly feel happy for the first time in months. Could it really bed that it isn’t  dark anymore and that it’s sunny? All I really want to say is sunny weather and lighter mornings please stay forever, I am a happier and more productive Chloe this way.

Have you ever felt anything similar to this before? Do you feel the changes over Winter and Summer months? I’d love to know if I am an odd one or whether other people feel this too.


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