Never Lose Your Belongings With XUPO

If there is one thing I’ll own up to, it is being is clumsy and forgetful. Then the thing that comes along with being clumsy and forgetful is that I end up losing or perhaps, misplacing my belongings. I really do care about my personal belongings but I think I have so much going on in my head that I end up leaving things. This includes leaving car keys in my boyfriends car and having to get the train to work, leaving my bag in a pub, leaving my keys at work, losing my phone and so many other things. So when I had the opportunity to review XUPO, a smart Bluetooth key tracker to put on your belongings to track I had to say yes.


XUPO is a little key tag shape tracking gadget that allows you to track your items on your smartphone. So you can attach the key tag to your phone keys, keyrings, a dog’s collar perhaps, or even just insert it in a purse or bag. It took me under 2 minutes to download the app ‘XUPO’, turn on my phone’s Bluetooth, and click the button on XUPO to sync with my iPhone. I’d say that’s a pretty efficient way to spend 2 minutes. Especially if it means I really stop losing my stuff.


The XUPO as previously seen on Dragon’s Den lets you know if it’s close or nearby, flashes a red light and sings a little tune so that you can find it. It has a replaceable battery and lasts for over a year.


I’d say that it is perhaps on the pricey side of £19.99 each, 3 for £52.50 or 5 for £75. However I am more than happy to pay £19.99 if it means I don’t have to fork out another £200 for when I next lose my bag. So it may be pricey but in my eyes but it is very much worth the cost.

Win a Xupo #6

Win your own XUPO so you can find, call and map your belongings. The giveaway is open to the UK only and for people who are 16 or over.

I am loving my XUPO to track and find my belongings. I think I might invest in the biggie 5 so that I can can track a couple of things at the same time.

*I was offered a XUPO in exchange for a review.


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