The Ultimate Festival Checklist

The Ultimate Festival Checklist

Has it really been a solid two weeks since I attended Glastonbury Festival? Maybe it has. I definitely over packed for the first few festivals I attended. I think I carried so much one weekend I nearly passed out after carrying my rucksack for only a couple of hours. Either way you want to pack as lightly as possible. Trying to choose more practical things like a torch and anti-bac over packing that extra jumper.

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I’ve been putting together my essential Festival checklist together for a few years now on paper to ensure I only take the essentials, shaving off carrying anything that isn’t compulsory. I’ve compiled them into a blog post for anyone who is headed to a festival this summer.

If you have any hints or tips please feel free to share them in the comments too.

PS. The Push Doctor saved me massively by sending me the festival goodie box below which included dry shampoo, a tangle teezer, a sheewee, sun cream, after sun, a wind up torch/charger, toilet seat covers, berroca, a rain jacket, ear plugs and so many more. Massive thank you for saving my near-sun burned butt at this years Glastonbury.

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Festival Toiletries:

  • sheewee
  • feminine wipes
  • baby wipes (sometimes a shower is just a big fat no) another helpful tip for baby wipes is wiping down a toilet seat before using it
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • suncream
  • aftersun
  • chafing cream (c’mon)
  • dry shampoo
  • tissues or toilet roll – toilet roll is easier to carry around in a rucksack but sets of 12 tissues are much easier to carry around in a small bumbag, take your pick or take both
  • anti-bac – pretty much the most important item on the list, use it before & after using the toilet, before and after eating, just bathe in it if you can

Festival Clothing:

  • hat
  • waterproof coat
  • wellies (don’t be the fool that forgets these)
  • welly socks – whether you’re a guy or a girl please take them, my boyfriend didn’t take socks one year and he ended up with bald patches all around where the wellies rubbed (the hair still hasn’t grown back properly)
  • take jumpers – yes I went to Glastonbury this year and yes it was boiling, but my god it was freezing at night, just because you ‘think it might be warm’ doesn’t mean it will be, take a few jumpers

The Festival Accessories:

  • earplugs (my god if you’re camping next to a stage & you fancy some sleep at some point, take earplugs)
  • portable chargers
  • cables for your phone
  • download the festival app (if there is one – you can find the line ups & track your friends)
  • find my friend app – in case you lose your friends
  • a flag – we had a Yeezy 2020 and a Phil Mitchell flag (I still don’t get the PM flag but it made us lots of friends) a flag helps you find your friends near the big stages plus it gives people a laugh
  • a blanket – similar to camping chairs but instead of needing 8 camping chairs you can take a blanket to sit on and share
  • glitter – every year I swear I won’t use it, then I go and buy it because IT’S GLITTER, it’s fun to put on but not so fun to get off
  • plenty of hairbands/hair grips

The Festival Essentials:

  • your bloody festival ticket
  • photo ID – don’t forget this unless you want to remain sober all weekend when you run out of alcohol
  • festival rucksack – you can buy these in camping shops, tesco direct and on amazon
  • sleeping bag
  • roll mat – unless you don’t mind sleeping on the hard cold floor
  • torch – finding your tent
  • head torch – finding the toilet hole
  • led light/lamp- easy to put on in your tent so you can see what you’re doing

glastonbury festival

The Food & Drink/Supermarket Essentials:

I’ve mainly been to festivals where you can take food and drink into the ‘arenas’, many festivals do not let you. This way you spend more money inside. If you’re like me and have spent too much money on festival accessories and clothing then saving that little extra bit when you’re there really helps. Sometimes you have to weigh up your options, 20 cans of beer or a litre of rum? Spirits are the easiest option to take in. Plus warm beer is not good.

Honestly, the festival food is one of the best parts. Unless you’re really trying to save money don’t bother bringing much food. Enjoy the food there and just bring snacks. I purchased 2 meals a day, totally £7.50 each. Especially if you’re day drinking a good carby meal is essential. Nobody wants to sit around their tent boiling some water for a pot noodle. Just take the cash if you can and try new foods; paella, ostrich burger, pad thai & there are so many options.

  • wine in a bag (buy the wine in a box, then ditch the cardboard and you have a sack of wine) – this is a festival must as it usually contains around 4 litres so you can share amongst friends or for yourself, no judging here
  • cider in a bag – similar to the above but it is much easier to carry around inside a bag, rather than carrying 6 cans
  • fun cans – these include the small cans of pimms & lemonade, gin & tonic, although these are expensive (and small) they make a change from warm beer/cider and disgusting wine in a bag. Having your first drink of the day is a toughy, but if it’s a fun can it just isn’t as bad
  • water bottles – purchase the big 20p 2 litre bottles of water, then empty them and refill once you’re there. Otherwise you’ll either be dehydrated or end up carrying litres of water around in the queue for no reason
  • tablets – ibuprofen/paracetamol/aspirin/imodium
  • contraceptives – I mean if you’re willing to go near someone when you’re covered in 3 day stench of alcohol and sweat then sure go ahead and pack these

Things you shouldn’t take:

  • glass – decant all alcohol into bags/plastic bottles
  • too much alcohol so you hurt yourself on day 1
  • too many clothes, just take 2 jumpers that you alternative, don’t bother taking a jumper for everyday, it’s very weighty, very hard to carry and if you have a 4 day stench why bother putting on a clean jumper anyway..

If you want to read more about the festival essentials, the Push Doctor blog post is very detailed compiling of all the essentials you’ll need at summer festivals.

*This post is in collaboration with the Push Doctor for #ForHealthForLife, however all view are my own.


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