17 Fun Things You Can Do For Procrastination


I’d like to think that I’m good at least one thing in life; procrastinating. It’s pretty uncommon for me to go an entire 10 minutes without flicking to a new browser or checking my phone. I find it hard to concentrate which means I procrastinate to a whole other level.

Thankfully I will work longer than most to ensure I put the time into my work. Where as during University I would procrastinate with a good ol’ game of Candy Crush, now I’ll check my broken links or adapt a few blog posts for SEO. Productive procrastination is where it is at.

So here are my 17 ways you can have a little bit of fun whilst procrastinating:

  1. Bake a cake! Not only is it a fun thing to do when procrastinating, but when you get back to the grind at least you have some cake to cheer you up with
  2. Practice yoga or some deep breathing, really useful break whilst working on stressful things
  3. Binge watch a few episodes or a TV programme you love on Netflix
  4. Start a new book, or even reread an oldie but a goldie
  5. Play themed online bingo and win some money
  6. Create a new music playlist for work, for next drive or even running motivation
  7. Start pinning some house inspo/holiday inspo for that extra little bit of motivation
  8. Download and start replaying candy crush, heck I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent on that game during University
  9. Sell some bits and bobs on eBay, procrastinate whilst making money!
  10. Paint your nails or have a mini pamper
  11. Reply to all those emails you say you’ll do later but probably won’t actually get around to it for a few days
  12. Tidy! Tidying up your work space, or tidy your bedroom and change the sheets, nothing beats getting into freshly clean sheets
  13. Catch up with some old friends either in person, on the phone or in a group chat, a little bit of conversation always does a bit of good
  14. Back up all of your files on your laptop that we all say we will do and never get round to it
  15. Have a clean up on the files on your laptop, delete all of those weird screenshots you or weird selfies you took when you first got your laptop
  16. Put the music channel on, the good naughtiest channel is a great one to just dance and sing (shout) along to, to blow off some steam
  17. Have a bubble bath, in fact get a lush bath bomb and have a full on pamper

I hope you have found a few things you can consider the next time you want to procrastinate, cue 10 minutes time…

*this is a collaborative post.


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