Must Haves For Autumn Fashion

Psst it’s Autumn tomorrow. I mean if you hadn’t gathered by the sudden decrease in temperature and the increase in fluffy jumpers? I’m a big fan of Autumn because I love waking up and putting on the biggest and fluffiest jumper possible on top of my casual or work clothes. There’s just something about Autumn clothing that makes me happy. Lets not talk about Winter though.. I’m not a fan of the dark days.


First up on my little Autumn fashion post are my newest ASOS fluffy jumpers. I wrote a bit of an ASOS haul last year and I’m still just as obsessed. I’m not sure whether it’s the £9.95 next day delivery with next day returns but I just love the ease of the ASOS site. I’ve purchased all 3 of the jumpers above and I can just say how fluffy they are and quite flattering. The outside two jumpers are the same but in different colours. The middle is probably one of the current blogger jumpers that I’ve been seeing quite often on Instagram so I just had to purchase. The outside two jumpers are very true to size but I found the middle jumper to slightly resemble a tent so I would pick a smaller size!


Now I’ve picked out a few pretty jumpers that are flattering but also have some cute embroidery. These beautiful jumpers are from Topshop in the sale, and who doesn’t love a good TopShop sale? I’m still enjoying the embroidery clothing and I think a lovely fluffy cardigan on top will help with the transition into the Autumn temperature. The sleeves on the blue top is are also beautiful.



After purchasing a brand new pair of vans and converse last month in the sale I’ve realised how much comfier converse are for my feet. I’ve purchased a black pair of high tops and a sparkly pair (pictured above). The best thing about a Converse sale is that you know the shoes are going to last you for years. I’ve still got my read converse from before Uni and they’ve even survived a trip to Glastonbury and are still in perfect condition.

I hope you’ve found at least one item of Autumnal clothing you might want to purchase. It is Autumn tomorrow so it’s a great excuse to buy a new Autumn wardrobe and start bringing out the big woolly jumpers. It’s payday today so I might just have to look into more fluffy jumpers and boots…


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