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After spending oh so many hours pinning my dream office interior mood boards on Pinterest I am now going to share a few on my blog. I mean at least this way putting so many hours work into my Pinterest boards means they are actually getting put to good use. Seeing as though I’m still struggling to find a nice house to buy in Bristol.

As someone who works a full-time job, I spend 8 hours of my day sat at my desk staring at my screen, to then come home from work and spend the remainder sat at my desk (more like my bed recently) but it is a lot of desk time. My desk space is where I find myself the most creative. I’m not sure whether it’s because it feels more professional to sit at a desk but either way I really think investing into a great office interior set up for work is essential. This is the main thing I am excited for when buying a house; is having an entire room as my office. At the moment I’m still living with my parents and saving for a house… hence the pinning obsession recently. I like finding desk spaces that really utilise storage but also leave a very clean desk which is important for me.

The desk above has a lot of shelving above the desk but also has drawers. I love how clean and simple the desk space feels whilst it still has decent storage capabilities. It is such a beaut of a set up.

Now as a small business owner, my stock and supplies are pretty much coming out of my ears. Therefore this storage/shelving to the left would be perfect for me. I could keep all my stock to one side and then use the desk as a packing station to send out orders.

I really think this desk set up utilise the storage whilst keeping tidy. I am also a huge fan of the colour scheme.

I love this little storage stand. It’s so perfectly shaped for a corner of a room which fits so nicely on top of a desk. At the moment I find that the corner space on my desk is just wasted space as I can’t reach it properly and nothing I have really fits in it.

Therefore with this little storage stand I could use it for even more storage, perhaps for work-in-progress watercolour paintings that need to dry or even keeping receipts ready for the dreaded monthly accounts.

I know this is probably quite blogger cliché of me, but I really need one of these wire frames on my wall. How easy would it be to peg to-do lists, important tasks, receipts or even cute photos or prints? If you hadn’t gathered by now, I love finding places to store things or utilise the space therefore this would be perfect for the little bits and bobs that usually get lost in the black hole that is my room.

Look! An even bigger wire frame thing. Why have a small one that fits behind a desk when you can have an entire wall for it? I’m a good 98% sure if I had an entire wall of this I would never lose an important piece of paper ever ever again. I would become so efficient with to-do lists, receipt keeping and organisation.

And if I can’t have the entire metal wire wall frame then I guess this would come as a close second best. An entire cork noticeboard wall would be a really great way to stay organised. Heck I’m sure I’d be spending most of my days buying pins, then standing on the pins but hey ho, at least I’d have a organisational wall.

I would pin up my ‘to-do’, my ‘half done’ and ‘finished’ post it note ideas to the wall. Working full-time, working freelance, running an online shop and blogging means I need to keep organised and keep everything written down. Hello cork wall.

Now when I move out, two walls will be storage, one wall a desk and the other wall will be book shelving. I am obsessed with book walls. I think they are so elegant and it makes a great excuse to buy a book because ‘well I need to fill up my wall’. Plus on a cold wintery day how nice is it to pick up a book and just spend the afternoon reading to relax after a stressful week.

I’m loving searching the Penketh Group website for ways to find innovative approaches to office interior design, especially to find current trends. It also includes office design tips for small offices. I can only wish I’ll buy a house that will have a 8ft by 8ft room, but realistically it’ll be a small room in which I need to utilise every tiny square inch of the room.

I have so many Pinterest boards that are just waiting for me to move out so I can start really putting the boards to use. Pinterest is my new found love after using it for years but only really appreciating recently. I am loving the white walls, storage in every possible corner with cute but quirky accessories.

Have you got a Pinterest board similar to myself? What is your desk space like at home? Mine is very messy with neon green walls… I need a new office space!


*This is a collaborative post.


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