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vremi coffee espresso maker and wine stoppers

If part of a company’s branding on a coffee box says ‘First, drink the espresso. Then, do the things’, then it’s already got me down to a T already. Anything involving coffee lately is something that makes me happy.

With the darker evenings, less daylight and more grumpy moods, I’ve been upping my coffee intake to feel a bit more awake. So being offered an espresso maker was always going to bump up my mood. I wrote a post a few months ago with ways to brighten up your morning, of course coffee featured there too, it really helps my mood and wakes me up a bit.

vremi coffee espresso maker

I find that at the moment I have hardly any time in the morning to get ready and out of the door. So unless my Mum has actually made me a coffee I’m probably not going to be able to find the time to have one.

The Vremi Espresso Maker is very compact, the top has a lid and flicks up, the top and bottom half are two parts that turn apart from each other. The method to use the Espresso Maker is quite easy, even for sleepyheads like myself at 5am.

Method to use:

  1. fill the bottom water tank with cold, filtered water (not higher than the safety valve)
  2. secure the funnel filter and fill with ground beans (don’t press or compact)
  3. screw the pot onto the water tank
  4. heat the espresso maker on a gas or electric burner
  5. once the pot fills with coffee, remove it and turn off the heat

Hello morning coffee is made. Generally I’ll then pour this into a mug and add either a splash of milk or some cold water, or drop in a couple of those plastic ice cubes to cool it down so I can down it in the last few seconds I have before I need to leave for work. It cleans very easily and is a very handle tool in the kitchen for people with little time.

*ps. for clumsy people like myself, there’s a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

vremi coffee espresso maker and wine stoppers

Although it is a rarity that a bottle of wine would last over more than one day, the Vremi Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver is there for when you want to save a glass or two for another night. I am a white/rose wine drinker, which means if I haven’t shared the bottle then I find the bottle of wine begins to taste funny within 48 hours. Therefore I sadly have to pour the wine away. Cue Vremi to the rescue.

The stoppers work in a simple way, there is a pump which extracts all the air from the open bottle of wine, to ensure it tastes as good on the fourth or fifth night as it did on the first.

Method to use:

  1. insert an airtight stopper into the neck of the wine bottle until it’s firmly in place
  2. place the pump over the stopper, then pump up/down to vacuum seal the bottle
  3. when there’s resistance you can stop as it’s a sign the oxygen has been pumped out
  4. the more wine left in the bottle the less pumps it takes
  5. the numbers on the stopper’s silver ring helps you track how many days the bottle has been left sealed by the stopper

Vremi claim that the preserved wine should be good to drink for an additional 7 to 10 days, which is much more than my near 48 hours with my old cork. When I move out next month I’ll be using this quite frequently as I won’t have my Mum to share the bottle with. Therefore having 4 spare stoppers is great, especially with New Year’s Eve coming up (where you invite 10 friends round who each want their own wine).

Win the Vremi Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver #4

Good luck with the giveaway competition. It ends on 13th of November (my move-in date for my flat). Where I’ll be moving and taking my new Vremi Kitchen Essentials with me. I’m sure people will be giving presents of prosecco so I will be testing out how long prosecco can hold for with Vremi. With my current cork it doesn’t even last a day.

Have you ever used a vacuum pump wine preserver or an espresso maker before?


*I was kindly gifted the Vremi Kitchen products, Espresso Maker and Vacuum Pump for Wine Bottles.


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