A Little Life Lately Post

I’ll admit it. I do love a good nose of peoples life lately posts as I think it provides a bit of insight to behind the blogger. I’ve been a bit stressed and busy lately but that is all ending now.

Which means most of my posts recently have been mainly sponsored or product reviews as I’ve needed the deadline of a blog post to push me to write it. As I’ve been having a bit of a manic month but it’s all beginning to settle down now.

bolsius candless

I’m Renting

Well I’m renting a flat from the 13th of November with my boyfriend. In my previous posts I wrote about buying a house and the issues that it was causing and the questions people should ask when looking to buy. We even put an offer down on a house but lost it as someone paid over £5,000 above the asking price.

But for now we’ll be renting in Clifton in Bristol which I am super excited for. Although it is quite a small flat it’s a roomy 2 bed flat which will do for now. It’s only on a 6 month contract so there’s no pressure to stay. I’m going to enjoy the 20 minute car commutes to work rather than the near 2 hours I’ve been facing lately.

So I am going to be a big girl and move out and I can’t even contain my excitement.

I Closed My Online Shop

I’m still pretty sad and down about this as I really wanted to be running it full-time next year. However some things aren’t meant to happen. When everyone wants things really cheaply, it isn’t always worth spending hours of your evenings packaging to make £10 profit.

On the other hand I have so much spare time now. I have time to write blog posts, hang out with friends and go to the gym without worrying about coming home and packaging orders and then stressing about when I can send them.

It’s weird but I feel like a complete different person, a lot more happier as I have so many less struggles.

bolsius candless

I’m Turning 24

Blimmin’ heck I’m turning 24 next week. I was really worried about this age for a while. It’s pretty much considered ‘mid twenties’ and I’ve only just gotten used to my ‘early twenties’. It’s just getting too close to 30. After connecting with so many amazing bloggers, turning 30 just sounds pretty awesome to me.

I’m not so worried about turning 24 mainly as I’m finally planning to rent and move out. I’m in a stable job and I am ready to do more in Bristol in the evenings. I’ll be able to hang out with friends in the evenings after work rather than having to drive home and pretty much falling asleep in bed.

I’m celebrating my birthday by heading to the Forest of Dean, in a Forest Holiday’s cabin. So imagine me this weekend sipping prosecco in a hot tub in-between binge watching Stranger Things. I have a great weekend planned.

It’s nice having things to look forward to for a change. I’m loving my new found freedom after closing my online shop, I’m turning 24 and celebrating in a hot tub and I’m moving out! This month has been pretty hectic for me but it’s nearly over and I am ready for those Christmas feels and the 25 hour clocks-go-back change on Sunday.

Do you have anything exciting to look forward to over the next few weeks?

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The gorgeous candles featuring in this post are divine smelling and from the Seasonal Autumn Collection by Bolsius. So if you’re looking for Christmas presents or a treat for yourself I’d highly recommend the Bolsius Winter Limited Edition range and their reed diffusers which make my room smell amazing.



  1. October 24, 2017 / 8:47 am

    I’m glad things are looking up 🙂 I’m gonna miss your shop but I totally get that it’s not worth the stress at the moment. You need to put yourself first. Have a fab birthday! I’m turning 30 in a few weeks and have already warned people not to get me a card with my age on!

  2. October 24, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    I do love a life lately post! So nice to feel like a little catch up, glad things are feeling a little less stressful now lady. And massive congrats on the new flat, that is so exciting for you two! 🙂 Aaaaaaaaand happy birthday for the weekend, welcome to the 24 club >:) Immy x


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