Ways To Make Your Living Room Cosier This Winter  

When it’s dark by 4pm and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, there’s nothing quite like going home to get comfortable on the couch and watch your favourite Christmas film. Create the perfect setting in your living with our simple tips to make it cosy this winter.

Make sure it’s a room you’re going to want to spend time, and giving it just a few simple updates will ensure it feels comfortable and looks inviting.

Warm Lighting

Have you stopped to consider the colours of the bulbs you have in your living room lighting? While you’re likely to want white lights in the entrance and kitchen, choosing something a little warmer for the living room is best because it’s inviting and a lot less harsh.

Choose bulbs that have a warm tone to them, so when you switch on lamps or ceiling lights you’re not met with a bright, unforgiving colour that hurts your eyes.

Knitted Materials

Knitted materials instantly make you feel a little cosier at home, and you can layer up the looks with knitted blankets, cushions and even a knitted pouffe. Make your own cosy nook with a chair that features a mixture of textured cushions and a knitted throw, the perfect place to enjoy a book and a cup of hot chocolate.

Layer Up Textures

The key to this look is layering up different types of texture, as it makes the perfect inviting space. Soft and warm materials for you to sink into, such as throws and cushions in faux fur, soft fleece or a quilted design. If you want to up the luxurious factor choose velvet or silk. You could also add in a soft suede chair, which looks great juxtaposed with leather sofas. It’s all about layering the different materials to create a warming and appealing area.

Lanterns and Low-Level Lighting

Lanterns have definitely become the must have item for every home in 2017, and we completely love the look. Whether they’re just used for decoration, or you want them for some low level lighting, they make a great addition to the room.
Low level lighting is a great way to add ambiance to a space, you could possibly add some LED recessed lighting to cabinets, or lower parts of the wall, or maybe even some shelf lighting.

Fire-Effect Candles

Candles were always going to make the list of ways to make your living room more cosy, and as much as we love filling our rooms with scented candles we have a new favourite that you have to try.

The fire-effect candles make a fire crackling sound as they burn, so they make the perfect addition if you don’t have a real fire in your living room.

Burn one of these candles, which usually come in scented form too, to fill your home with the calming sound of a roaring fire, and none of the hassle of lighting a real one.


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