Getting into the Festive Spirit #DeckYourDesk

christmas office

Some time last week I realised it was less than 3 weeks until I break up for Christmas. Albeit it’s not even 2 weeks off but a little break is exactly what I need. After the realisation that it was only 3 weeks until Christmas I started hinting around the office that it was time to bring the decorations back out, *says the girl who has had tinsel on her desk since Dec 2015..*

I am all for decorating my desk at work, heck, even the office, heck, even the entire building. No I’m not religious and no I don’t have a weird thing about Christmas. In fact I find the day pretty anti climatic, it’s crimbo limbo and then it’s January the 2nd after a blink of the eye.

However having those decorations up during December in our office and on my desk really lightens the mood, it offers great chat for anyone coming in and as a whole it feels like a better place to be. It also doesn’t feel as doom and gloom walking into an office with a Christmas tree and fairy lights.

christmas office

There are plenty of reasons why you should deck your desk this Christmas period plus you can win £500 if you snap a pic of your desk. So get decorating your desk, your office or your furniture at work.

It lightens the mood

I’m yet to see another employee come into our office and not smile or make a comment about our desks. I mean how can we come into work and not feel the mood lighten when the desks are littered in fairy lights and baubles?

It offers great chat between colleagues and it’s actually quite a fun exercise putting decorations up with your colleagues. It’s a little bonding session and makes the mood lighter and happier.

It promotes productivity

I find that with decorations it’s a happier environment, whenever an employee comes into the office they smile and make a comment. It brightens the mood and makes the office a better place to be which in turn promotes productivity.

It’s been proven that December is the month people start to, well decline in their work due to the festive period. I half believe that the last week of December is hard for parents to come in while their children are at home, so perhaps they’re not working as hard.

I probably stop working as hard purely because I keep talking about Christmas. However I find that with the decorated desks and office it feels like Christmas, when you come into work you’re not completely dreading it which overall makes our office far more productive as there’s a little festive spirit in the air.

It feels less like work

I’m not sure about the logistics here, but I feel much happier coming into work during the festive period. It feels less like work and more like a happier, lighter environment. Or perhaps maybe it’s that chocolate from the advent calendar we’re eating? Coming into work and seeing fairy lights light up the desk really helps work feel that little bit less like work. So get yours up now!

To win £500 just in time for Christmas, all you need to do is decorate your desk, the more festive the better. Then take a photograph, tag @Furniture_Work and use the hashtag #DeckYourDesk. You can enter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so make your choice.

christmas office

Now go and grab your £5 christmas tree from the supermarket, get some tinsel and get decorating your desk. You could win £500 and all you need to do is snap a photograph before the 20th of December. Easy peasy.

If you win the £500 for the #DeckYourDesk competition please send me a little Christmas tree! I’ve just moved into my flat and I’m lacking any sort of decorations. Happy festive season people!


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