Travel Destinations for my 2018 Bucket List

I love writing a good travel bucket list, it changes each year depending on my current situation. I love to look back the following year and see if I was able to travel to the places I wanted, or if I went somewhere completely different. It’s like making a Pinterest board for travel. Since I’m not buying a house and I don’t need to save that much now, my biggest aim for this year is to go on a big travel trip… of some sort.

travel to lake louise

Lake Louise: credit

My Travel Bucket List for 2018:

I’m quite undecided on going to Canada and travelling around, visiting Thailand or the Caribbean. Rather than paying for a return flight and only visiting one place, I want to spend a couple of weeks travelling a few places that are nearby.

travel to phuket

Phuket: credit


I’ve always thought about traveling to Thailand. I know so many friends and colleagues who have spent a couple of weeks travelling Thailand and have just said it is amazing and the way of life is just so much better.

I worked in a Thai restaurant for nearly 2 years when I was younger with a few of the staff members being from Thailand. They used to talk about it so beautifully and it has made me really want to go (along with other friends who said it was the best 3 weeks of their life!).


The mountainous/rainforest island is one of Thailand’s most popular beach with beautiful clear waters. Phuket has over 30 amazing beaches to choose from. Some of the things I would love to visit includes the big Buddha, the infamous town of Patong, obviously it is known for its’ nightlife so perhaps a nights out and bar crawls.


If I went to Thailand there is no way I am missing out on visiting Thailand’s capital city. So many friends have visited Bangkok and I love hearing about the stories. This includes the floating markets, The Grand Palace, the Sky Bar and Hotel and the Temple of Dawn.

Phi Phi

The dazzling islands of Phi Phi have been my computer screensaver from time to time as the beaches are just gorgeous. I would go snorkeling around the beaches, exploring the lagoons, cliffs and caves.

travel to banff

Banff National Park: credit


To travel around Canada I would really love to do Trek America. I feel that the best way to really experience Canada would be to camp out with others and explore together. I’d love to fly over to Vancouver and work my way to Calgary, exploring British Columbia and Alberta on route.


Calgary is a beautiful city in Alberta. Things I would love to do in Calgary includes visiting the heritage park, the Canada Olympic park, Calgary tower and the dinosaur provincial park.


I think this is the place I want to visit more than anywhere in the world. I dread to think how many hours of my life I have “wasted” google-map walking my way around the town. I’d like to explore the rocky mountain range and check out the western saloons and rodeo.


Yes another National Park, I mean it is the largest National park in Canada so it’s definitely on my must-see list. There’s the jagged mountain and the possibility of grizzly bears, hiking and nature trails. I’d like to rent a bike and ride through the famous trails.

travel to st lucia

St Lucia: credit


I’ve love to visit the Caribbean, maybe less so of a travel-type holiday but perhaps more like a relaxing two week holiday whilst island-hopping, cocktail-sipping and food-tasting relaxation.

St Lucia

St Lucia arguably has the best view in the Caribbean, so plenty of photographs would have to be taken. But I’d love to go hiking up the Piton mountains, view the world’s only drive-in volcano, view Mount Pimard on segways and have beautiful cocktails on the beach front.

I would definitely go in peak season, aka out of the rainy hurricane season.


Okay this might really be showing my age but does anyone remember the Mary-Kate and Ashley film; Holiday in the Sun? Ever since they went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas I have been dying to visit. Now that was released in 2001 so that’s pretty much how long I’ve been waiting to go.

Outside of a cracking film it’s also pretty amazing too. I’d love to go snorkelling, scuba diving, go swimming with the pigs and go island-hopping.


I’d want to view the beautiful beaches and landscapes, the cultural and historical locations. Perhaps drink a few beers outside, heck even rum seeing as though it isn’t illegal to drink in public places!

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