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Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve gone between living at home with my parents, to renting in different student houses, to renting in Bristol and now I am looking at renting another place in Bristol. I’ve looked at so many houses and flats across the years so I know exactly what I’d like in my own home.

I’ve gone from looking at buying houses to flats, to renting. There is a lot of stress with moving houses, including legal stress that https://www.slatergordon.co.uk/ can help with.

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What I would do to improve my home?

Some of the best ways to add value to a home before selling is to create an open-plan living space, to add a conservatory, or to add another bedroom or bathroom into the house. At home we’ve currently got a quote for new windows and outside doors, and for a new conservatory too. I think this will transform our downstairs.

An open-plan living space is what I would really love. I’ve seen so many kitchen/dining room/sitting room all in one type places recently and I think they are amazing. It’s so sociable and nice to be able to cook whilst hanging out with people who are either sat at the table or in the same room that you are. So knocking down the kitchen wall would make the downstairs of our house seem much bigger but also more sociable and fun to be in.

A conservatory doesn’t just have to be a place for sitting and reading books in the summer. We’re currently about to have our current conservatory knocked down and a new, bigger one built. By putting our dining table into our conservatory it will feel as though we have gained an entire new room. So we can make our living room larger and open plan.

What I would look for in a new home?

I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at flats and houses to move into, which means I’ve pretty much nailed down what I want to see at each viewing. If the flat/house ticks off everything on my mental checklist then I know it’s somewhere I am wanting to move to. I recently wrote about the 10 things to consider when buying a house in September so have been looking at houses for months.

I like seeing plenty of storage, can anybody go wrong with too much storage? I much prefer things to be hidden away and out of sight as the place tends to look less cluttered that way.

Big windows are a must. I really like viewing bedrooms and living rooms in the middle of the day to see what sort of light the rooms hold. I’ve been inside so many houses in the middle of the day and it’s nearly pitch black in the living room? Not only does this mean the lights will need to be on all over summer but it’s also going to incur quite an electricity bill. Big windows without a draft please.

I really want to live in an open plan dining room/kitchen. I think it’s quite nice when people are able to cook in the kitchen whilst still having company in the dining room. I find tiny kitchens really off-putting as it means you can’t cook at the same time, but also if you want to cook you’re alone as everyone is in the dining room or kitchen. So I would like an open plan kitchen/dining room for sure.

So those are my home improvements and things I would consider when looking at a new house. What would you like to improve on your house?

I cannot wait for the day I own my own home. Where I can completely redecorate to my own tastes, hang things up on the wall and really love the entire home.

*This is a collaborative post.


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