Howdy, where the frick did you get ‘Mojichlo’ from I hear you ask. Well. I originally started Mojichlo back in March 2015 whilst finishing my degree in Digital Media in Leeds. I decided to combine my love for Mojito’s along with my name, Chloe, for Mojichlo. Therefore it’s pronounced ‘mo-hee-chlo’. However after attending events along with new blogging buds they thought it was pronounced ‘moo-jee-chlo’. And now that’s how I pronounce it. So whatever, I’ve thought about a total rebrand many times but how else can I silently express my love of cocktails eh?

About Me

I studied Digital Media at the University of Leeds from 2012 to 2015, now I’ve moved back home. I currently work full-time in Digital Marketing for a company in Bristol, whilst running Mojichlo. I used to run an online shop called That Lame Company/A Little Amber.

I enjoy writing about random happenings and also exploring Bristol more.